2 Police Officers Shot Antigua

two police offiers shot antigua

2 Police Officers Shot Antigua
Two police officers have been hospitalized after sustaining multiple stab wounds, following separate altercations during ‘T-shirt Mas,’ on Saturday.

A high-ranking police officer confirmed that the officers responded to at least four incidents involving weapons during the tail end of Saturday’s festivities.

During the incidents four people were stabbed.  The other two were civilians.

Describing the officers injuries a police officer said, “One received stab wounds to the face, side and about the body and the other got two stab wounds somewhere across the abdomen.

“The police went to assist in terms of fighting and when they tried to part the individuals, they received the wounds.”

Up to press time, both men were warded at the Mount St John’s Medical Centre, where they were treated for the serious, but non-critical wounds.

two police offiers shot antigua
two police offiers shot antigua

The police are yet to arrest anyone in connection with the incidents, which occurred in St John’s, since the perpetrators fled the scene.

The stabbing took place mere hours after Minister of Culture Paul Chet Greene urged residents to enjoy the celebrations, but to leave weapons out of the festivities, during Friday night’s opening ceremony.

“We say welcome to Carnival 2016, and we encourage you to misbehave, behave bad, go on chupit, but above all, have fun,” he said. “Remember no guns, no knives… let’s make this a clean carnival.”

He told revellers to remember that the individual they may injure have  loved ones.

Source: http://www.antiguaobserver.com

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