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Info OM (Openbaar Ministerie) BES – Info BES Island Prosecutors Office Statia Killing

Info OM BES:
Vanmiddag heeft personeel van KPCN op Sint Eustatius, in opdracht van OM BES, de man die vannacht gewond werd aangetroffen en naar het ziekenhuis vervoerd, aangehouden. Hij wordt verdacht van betrokkenheid bij de dood van het aangetroffen slachtoffer. Het onderzoek wordt voortgezet.
This afternoon, the police on Sint Eustatius (KPCN) arrested the man who was injured last night and transported to the hospital. The arrest was ordered by the Public Prosecutor BES. He is suspected of involvement in the death of the victim found. The investigation in this case continues.

Info OM (Openbaar Ministerie) BES - Info BES Island Prosecutors Office

Info OM (Openbaar Ministerie) BES – Info BES Island Prosecutors Office

Funshonarionan di KPCN na Sint Eustatius a detene e homber ku awe mardugá a resultá herida i a keda transporta pa hospital. Fiskal di OM BES a ordená e detenshon. E ta ser sospechá di involvimiento den e morto di e viktima ku a bin haña na e adres. E investigashon den e kaso aki ta kontinuá.More Bes News

Info OM (Openbaar Ministerie) BES – Info BES Island Prosecutors Office

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Because the network has expanded, and there are more islands being syndicated, blogs might take a bit longer, due to the translations from the various islands and nations. Right now the blogs are syndicated in English, Dutch, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Papiamentu, Patois, Creole, Portuguese and occasionally Sranangtongo (Taki Taki)
I do the majority of translations from other languages to English, with exceptions. There are other translators at large, who translate from English or Dutch to their main language.
Not everything is translated, just major cases and stories, sometimes I find myself getting sucked into translating stories about stolen chickens and donkeys. Especially in The BES islands for whatever reason Bonaire, Saba and Statia, people have nothing better else to do except steal their neighbors chicken.
There was a story in Saba about illegal racers getting busted. How do you drag race on an island FIVE square miles? Don’t you run the risk… of running off of a cliff? Your airport is the size of a quaint, cobbled sidewalk in SXM.
There is a lot of BES news from Statia with the killings.
I hope the BES KPCN is reading this…
Considering BES is Bonaire AND Saba AND Statia, maybe ALL of your police reports should have an English translation, then I won’t have to do it.
How hard is it to add… ‘random chickens stolen from Kaya den Kaya or whatever.
I do believe the BES whoever are doing a good job keeping the public up to date when it comes to BES crimes.

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