UPDATE InselAir to undergo partial recertification after audit.

Update June 14th 2017 :Insel Air Aruba (8I, Aruba) is to undergo partial recertification after an audit conducted by the Dutch aviation regulator (Inspectie Leefomgeving en Transport – ILT)

Update June 14th 2017 :Insel Air Aruba (8I, Aruba) is to undergo partial recertification after an audit conducted by the Dutch aviation regulator (Inspectie Leefomgeving en Transport – ILT) revealed two findings in the carrier’s administration – one concerns procedural matters in the training department while the other is in quality control. No issues were reported at the carrier’s Insel Air (7I, Curacao) sister carrier.

In a statement issued last week, Insel Air said additional audits at its Aruban unit are to be carried out in the near future so as to complete its inspection and return the carrier to service.

Given the circumstances, Insel Air has begun transferring Aruban-registered aircraft to that of Curacao where the added capacity is being used to stabilize the carrier’s network. As previously reported, Insel Air was forced to wet-lease in a variety of equipment from carriers such as Estelar Latinoamerica, Swift Air (USA), Fly All Ways Airlines, and Dominican Wings to cover its own capacity shortfalls as a result of the ILT’s audits.

Meanwhile, The Daily Herald reports that Venezuela’s Aserca Airlines (R7, Caracas Simón Bolivar) and Colombia’s Avianca (AV, Bogotá) have already approached Aruba’s Minister of Transportation, Mike de Meza, over the possibility of taking over some of Insel Air Aruba’s routes for the duration of its downtime.

The Dutch government has indicated it wants to discuss such possibilities with both the Curaçaon and Aruban governments in particular the roles that KLM Royal Dutch Airlines (KL, Amsterdam) or other Dutch airlines can play in maintaining regular flights between Aruba, Bonaire, and Curacao.

The curator in charge of InselAir Aruba will ask the judge to declare the airline bankrupt this week. Jeanot de Cuba, who has been appointed by the Court as curator, has submitted a letter to turn the suspension of payment into bankruptcy.

The Court will hear the management of the airline this week and make its decision.

With this act, the curator will do exactly what she said she will do a few weeks ago which is pull the plug on the airline. According to NoticiaCla, the case will be treated in Court this Wednesday.
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June 8th 2017 :Since 2006 InselAir grew to be one of the best airlines in providing international flexible connectivity to North and South America as well as the Caribbean region. Due to frequent flights and a very short flight time between InselAir’s home-base Curaçao and its hub on Aruba, in combination with its extensive network of 26 destinations, InselAir provides passengers great connectivity within the Pan-American region. InselAir’s interline partnerships (which include, amongst others, Air Berlin, KLM/Air France, Winair, Avianca and GOL) and code shares (KLM/Air France) add further value to this connectivity, allowing its passengers to connect throughout the world.
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InselAir is the largest Caribbean-based airline and expects to carry 1.4 million passengers this year (2016), employs around 750 people, offers approximately 70 daily flights to 26 destinations and plans to grow to 30 destinations in 2016. InselAir’s fleet consist of in total 18 aircraft (7 x McDonnell Douglas, 3 x Fokker 70, 6 x Fokker 50 and 2 x Embraer Bandeirante) and is adding more aircraft to its fleet in 2016. InselAir’s passengers enjoy luggage allowance of one free checked bag and ample legroom. Comfort Class passengers enjoy, among others, pre-boarding, access to business lounges, extra legroom and extra luggage allowance. Destinations in South America include: Manaus, Georgetown, Paramaribo, Caracas, Barquisimeto, Las Piedras, Maracaibo, Valencia, Barranquilla, Medellin, Quito destinations in the Caribbean include Aruba, Bonaire, Curaçao, Havana, Holguin, Santiago de Cuba, Santa Clara, Camaguey, St. Maarten, Port-of-Spain, San Juan, Santo Domingo, Port-au-Prince, Kingston and Miami in the USA. Reaching Higher!

InselAir to undergo partial recertification after audit.

November 18th 2016 :KLM stopt code-sharing met InselAir

WILLEMSTAD – KLM schort de code-sharing met de Antilliaanse luchtvaartmaatschappij InselAir per direct op. Dat melden diverse afzonderlijke luchtvaartbronnen donderdag op Curaçao aan Reismedia. De maatschappij kampt al langere tijd met financiële en operationele problemen. De situatie is dusdanig verslechterd dat KLM heeft besloten de code-sharing op het Caribische netwerk van InselAir eenzijdig op te schorten,

Luchtvaartmaatschappij TUIfly maakt tussen de eilanden ook gebruik van InselAir, maar in mindere mate dan KLM. TUIfly bekijkt het inzetten van de maatschappij zorgvuldig.

InselAir krijgt veel klachten over de dienstverlening en de opvang en communicatie bij vertragingen. De directie ging daarvoor onlangs publiekelijk door het stof.

KLM werkt samen met InselAir voor het vervoer van passagiers tussen de eilanden om op deze wijze alle eilanden zeven dagen per week aan te kunnen bieden.

Beide maatschappijen hebben er vertrouwen in de samenwerking binnen enkele maanden weer te kunnen continueren, meldt het Antilliaans Dagblad.

Passagiers die doorvliegen met InselAir naar Zuid-Amerika worden nu via Copa Airlines vervoerd via Panama.

Insel Air verkeert momenteel in financieel zwaar weer door onder andere een openstaande rekening van ongeveer honderd miljoen Antilliaanse gulden in Venezuela. Door de politieke en financiële crisis is dit bedrag nog niet betaald. InselAir heeft in de loop der jaren de frequentie richting het land afgebouwd vanwege een teruglopende markt en hoopt deze terugval op te vangen met nieuwe bestemmingen.
Bron : Luchtvaartnieuws.nl

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